The purpose or purposes for which Tri-State Karting, Inc. was formed are for any and all lawful purposes including, but not limited to, the promotion of family-oriented go-kart racing in a drug-free environment for youth ages five and older. To provide opportunities for families to work together to enhance family relationships and to provide opportunities for youths of our organization to learn and practice sportsmanship, fair competition, rules, safety and organization.

Tri-State Karting was established in 1988 by a handful of people, one of which is still racing today. In 1996 Tri-State Karting became a non-profit incorporation. The club is member owned and member run. Election of officers is held each year in October with the new officers taking office in January. The term of each office is from January 1st to December 31st. The board of directors of Tri-State Karting, Inc. consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and three elected Board Members.

Kart racing is a nation wide sport with many of it's drivers moving from karts to NASCAR. Examples include Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon. National events are held every year at different locations to bring together competitors from all over the United States to spend a week together racing. There are many different organizations devoted to kart racing that hold these National events.

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