Tri-State Speedway, 205 W. 58th Ave., offers races at 8 p.m. every Friday, May through August except holiday weekends. 

Remember: Sign In Closes at 7:00 SHARP.

If you are running late, please call ahead to register your car(s).

2014 Tri State Speedway Schedule

Date Event

April 12th - Workday/ Practice

April 19th - Practice

April 26th - Practice 

May 2nd - 1st Points Night

May 9th - 2nd Points Night

May 16th - 3rd points Night

May 23rd - Holiday (NO RACES)

 May 30th - 4th Points Night

June 6th - 5th Points Night

June 13th - 6th Points Night

June 20th - 7th Points Night

June 27th - 8th Points Night

July 5th- Firecracker Shootout

July 11th - 9th Points Night

July 18th - 10th Points Night

July 25th - 11th Points Night

August 1st - 12th Points Night

August 2nd- TBD

August 8th - 13th Points night 

August 15th - Last Points Night

August 22nd - Top of Texas Shootout

September 13th - Tri-State Fair Race